Thursday, October 30, 2008

YAY, Tricare!!!

I've been trying to get our PCM to put in referrals for the other three to be tested for Chiari. They all show symptoms, and Dr. Ellenbogen felt like it would be wise to get them checked. All three have severe headaches, in the front and back of their heads. Josh and Emily see spots with their headaches. We know Josh does because the other night, when he was suffering from one of them, he tripped and said, "It's so hard to see with all the blinking lights." Emily and Josh both also suffer from leg pains nearly every day, often waking with them, not just suffering from them after an active day. Emily now also suffers from a tingling, needly feeling on her back/shoulders, and hand/wrist pain. Her pain is very similar to what I feel with my fibro, and she may very well end up having fibro, but if it's Chiari, we need to know NOW, before she ends up with permanent damage of paralysis.

I got a call, late yesterday afternoon, from our PCM's nurse, saying she was getting ready to put in the referrals. She put in a referral for a head/neck MRI for each child, as well as a spine MRI for each. Cysts of cerebrospinal fluid are common in Chiari patients, as is tethered cord syndrome. It is so common, they like to check the spine in all Chiari patients to rule out those things. All three head/neck MRIs are approved, and the spinal MRIs are all still being reviewed. I am so relieved!! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that they will finally get these tests!!

Of course I hope the MRIs don't show any issues, but if they do, I want them taken care of while we are stationed here. Dr. Ellenbogen is one of the top doctors in the country for this condition, and we truly feel that God paved the way for us to be stationed here right before Brooke got so sick and was diagnosed. It's almost time for sea duty again, and while we are trying to be stationed here for that, there is no guarantee. So I've been a bit anxious about getting this done in a timely manner.

I know several people have been waiting and praying with us, for these MRIs, so I'll keep you updated on the progress.

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