Saturday, October 25, 2008

DUH moments...

So, I was getting ready to snooze last night. I opened my contact case and panicked when I realized it was empty. The thoughts that quickly ran through my head included:
"Could one of the boys gotten into my contact stuff?"
"Could I have dropped the contact on the floor instead of into the case?"
"Do I have any extras?"
"You idiot, you opened the case to put your contact into it! The contact is still on your eye!!!"


Fess up... you know you've done similar silly stuff! Share with me!


  1. I have to many duh moments like that every day to share just one!!! Half of the time I blame it on Mommy or PP brain LOL and then the other half of the time I blame it on just plain old me being blond moments LOL!! If I have one that stands out above the rest today I will let you know though LOL!!

  2. Girl... I think we are guilty of moments like this. I want you to know I got right tickled reading this. I promise I was laughing with you and not AT you!

  3. Yeah, sure, Hope!!! LOL Hey, if I didn't want you to laugh with/at me, I wouldn't have shared it, so go right on ahead and have a giggle. :D

  4. Hahaha! I do stuff like that ALL the time!

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