Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brain Language

After we finished at the ER last night... well, it was actually the Acute Care Clinic, but I digress... and had learned that Andrew managed to break his index finger and sprain his thumb when he fell at the park, our little angel started making these really weird noises in the back of the van. He would say a few words and then make a sound similar to the way Donald Duck speaks. I finally asked him what he was doing. He answered, "I'm TRYING to talk to my brain mom! GOOOOOOSH!!! It won't let me do the smoochy poochy dance anymore, so I'm trying to talk to it so it will!"

I never knew there was a completely different language to allow you to speak to your brain!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I absolutely MUST follow your blog at least for a time. I do so much love to hear the banters of little ones. Mine comes up with some doozies herself. HAPPY BLOGGING!