Sunday, October 19, 2008

The boy wants to color his hair!!!

The girls wanted to color their hair. No big deal, except they wanted highlights in it. I can color their hair, no problem!! We did the main color and it looked GREAT! I tried to convince them both that the highlights were a bad idea, but no, they wouldn't listen. They have this misplaced trust in me. They don't trust me to get anything else right, but they trusted me to put highlights in their hair!!

If you see my girls and think, "WOW, that hair is just... yeah...", just know that I was not happy about doing it. LOL At least they are happy.

Anyway, as I was brushing the bleaching stuff on Brooke's hair, Drew was sitting there watching us. Suddenly, with an awe-struck tone in his voice, he says, "I sure wish MY hair was red and pink!"


  1. ACK! I would NEVER have the nerve to color some one's hair. Ok..I take that back. Highlights. That would make me nervous.

  2. Maybe with Halloween coming you could make him a punk rocker or something and get the really non permanent spray stuff and color his hair like blue and green! Instead of pink and red LOL!! Good luck with getting him to wash it out though LOL!!! I remember I wanted to dye my hair purple with Kool aid once it didn't work out so well (actually I think I didn't do it right!!)

  3. Bwahaha! I am determined to get the hang of mixing and applying my own color as trips to the salon are just too expensive. Highlights are tricky - kudos to you for being so brave!

    Love the blog!

  4. For the record, I think their hair looks nice. :) I mean, the one chunk was a little noticeable, but it still worked. But maybe you don't want your daughters taking my hair advice. (I wouldn't blame you!!) :)

  5. BTW, Yay for you having a blog!