Sunday, July 5, 2009

Goofy Internet... Or Goofy Me

That last post was missing some stuff that I'd originally written. It didn't dawn on me that putting things in brackets would make the website think I had included some HTML. So, if the post didn't really make sense to you, please read it again. LOL Sometimes the simplest bit of information makes everything crystal clear. ;)


I can hardly believe it's been so long since I last blogged, but the dates don't lie. So many times I've thought, "Oh, I have to blog about that... it was too funny not to share!" However, I then got busy doing something else and didn't get it done. Being so ill for the first 6 months of the year (and a couple of months before that) didn't help matters either. I have a cute one for you, though, and will try to keep up better again.

Andrew: *After a HUGE kiss* I just MARRIED you, Mommy!
Me: Oh yeah?
Andrew: I'm jus' kiddin'!! *Insert the cutest giggle you've ever heard* I married Snow White on the Disney Cruise already!!!

Yep, my boy thinks that you marry somebody by kissing them, and that his wife lives on a cruise ship with Mickey and the gang!! Hmmmm... I wonder if we can get a family rate.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Please pray for my girls

The girls are going to the Teen Leadership Conference with our youth group this week. They leave tomorrow morning and return very late Thursday night, nearly Friday morning. I'm not happy about the road conditions on which they will be travelling, but at this time the roads aren't bad enough for me to feel okay telling them they can't go.

I know this is going to be an amazing trip for them. I have such great memories of TLC when I was a teen. I know they will learn great things and will come back with a deeper knowledge and hopefully more secure in their role in Him.

Please pray for open minds and hearts, a good time, and safety for all those attending the conference.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sixteen Years Ago...

I had a beautiful baby girl. She had ten adorable toes and ten long fingers. She was so perfect in so many ways, except she wasn't healthy. She was having seizures, having problems breathing, couldn't regulate her temperature, and the doctors were baffled. They told us they were going to do everything they could to figure it out and to help her, but to be prepared. They'd already had to resuscitate her several times. We could visit her in the NICU, and look at our precious little girl, but we couldn't hold her. We prayed, as did so many people all over the country.

Soon we were able to feed her by holding a syringe that drained through her nose into her stomach. Then we were able to hold her and feed her with the syringe. Then finally she was able to nurse and we could take her into the family room for half an hour at a time, on monitors, of course, so we could spend time alone with her, cuddling and nursing. Two weeks later, our baby, whose life was in such peril before, was able to go home... on meds, but doing well.

Now our sweet little girl is SIXTEEN!!! She is still so beautiful, and such an amazing young Christian woman. I'm so proud to call her my daughter. She's a great sister, a great daughter, and a great person. We have been so blessed to have these amazing children!

Emily, I know you'll read this... I am so proud of you! Thank you for being such a sweet young lady! Please always remember that we love you, your siblings love you, but most importantly, God loves you! Always turn to Him in all things. I love you! Happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mom! Something's wrong with Drew's back!!

That's what I heard a few minutes ago. I glanced up and saw that Drew did, indeed, have something weird all over his back. Upon closer examination, it looked like a flat rash, almost like broken blood vessels. Then I had this thought, "That reminds me of the hot chocolate I just cleaned off the foyer floor." Sure enough, it washed right off! How in the world does a little boy get spots of hot chocolate all over his back? And how do I stop the adreneline rush that is now speeding through my body at the thought of my son having some weird rash??? Ahhhhh... time to finish my grocery shopping, I guess. ;)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Josh's new Bible

My parents bought Josh a Children's Bible to celebrate his salvation. He received it in the mail this week and was so very excited. He was thrilled when he saw his name on the front, then giddy when I read the inscription they wrote in it, then beside himself when he started exploring the book and found pictures. So we're in the van, and he's exploring his Bible. Suddenly he screams, "It has a MAP!!!!!" Why a map is exciting to him is beyond my understanding, but it was just so cute.

We then talked about how this isn't like his story Bible. We talked about how this new Bible has all the same stuff in it that Mommy's Bible has. He then asked if it has the same stuff as his teacher's Bible at church. When I told him yes, he got this sheepish grin on his face and said, "But my teacher doesn't have PICTURES in her Bible!" He couldn't wait to show off that Bible and proudly took it to class with him this morning.

He's growing up. Sniff Sniff

Friday, December 5, 2008

Josh's New Body...

I'm supposed to be going to bed, but want to share this before I forget.

Brooke accidentally caught Josh on the cheek with her fingernail this evening, taking off a chunk of skin. It wasn't terrible, but it sure did bleed and look nasty. In the midst of me trying to control my instant urge to lose my dinner, Josh just patted my arm. He said, "It's okay, Mom, 'cause I'm going to die soon and then I'll get a brand new body!"

Okay, so we had to discuss the fact that he's not likely to die for a very long time, but he again told me, "Yeah, but when I'm really old, I'm going to die. Then I'll go to Heaven and get a brand new body that won't ever hurt!"

Gosh, I just love that boy so much!!!