Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My sonogram...

The doctor found a "quite large" gallstone. I'm sure surgery is in my future. I see my PCM Thursday. I'm in a lot of pain this evening, after the pushed around on my belly with that sonogram wand. I imagine all that prodding irritated my gallbladder even more.

I also take Drew back to the doctor Thursday, for his finger. It's still swollen and the hand is all bruised up. The boy won't leave the tape on his fingers, though, and it keeps getting sat on, or bent backward, etc. I'm hoping the doctor will just put a cast on his hand so his hand will have time to heal properly. I'll have to figure out how to get the doctor to think it's his idea, though, or it'll never happen.


  1. Oh no! I will be praying for you both@

  2. Ugh. I hope your gallstones issues get settled soon and you get relief.

    Poor little hand. And I totally agree about making the doc. think it's his idea.