Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'll be one gallbladder lighter as of Thursday, Nov 6. The doctor is going to have me stay the night in the hospital, even though it will be laproscopic, because she and I both agreed I will probably get more rest, and therefore better healing, if I have that first night without the children. They are wonderful and make me laugh, give me lots of hugs and kisses, etc., but that laughing and hugs/kisses can also be pretty exhausting and... well... painful, when you've just had surgery.

How much weight do you think you lose with a gallbladder removal???

On another note, please remember Riley on Tuesday, Nov 4. He is a 4 year old Chiari patient who is having surgery with the awesome Dr. Ellenbogen. It's a difficult procedure on those children, although ultimately so very helpful, and it is a difficult time for the parents.

It will be the year anniversary of Brooke's surgery on Nov 6, so those feelings are still quite fresh in our minds. I was hoping to be able to be there with Riley's parents, to help get them whatever they need, help them deal with those emotions, etc., but I don't think I'm going to be able to do that with my pre-op stuff. Please pray for some kind soul to help smooth the way for them and make that wait a little less stressful, in whatever ways they need. Please also pray for the doctors.

I have such a burden in my heart for these other Chiari families. So many people read about Chiari and think it's no big deal. They don't realize all the things that go wrong regularly, all the complications that often go along with the condition, or the fact that these children face a risk of paralysis or permanent damage if treatment is held off too long, or they do something as simple as riding a roller coaster, for instance. Many loving, wonderful people that we know, did not realize how serious the condition is until Brooke was granted a Make a Wish, and that family had a house built by Extreme Makeover. Unfortunately, this means these families often don't have the support and understanding that they really need during this difficult time. Even though most of the people who know us didn't not realize how serious the situation was, we were very blessed to have lots of support from friends and family. God is so good!

Now I have to go back to bed. This gallbladder stuff is making me so exhausted! I was worried I'd be up during the night if I didn't make myself get up for a few hours this evening, though. Goodnight!!

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