Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Riley update

Riley's blog says his surgery went very well! They also appreciate all the prayers!

Riley is still in pain. Brooke wanted to badly to go visit him and offer him some encouragement, but there's just no time before my surgery tomorrow. It's a bit strange for me to think of Riley's mom sitting up there at that hospital, when her son just had the same surgery my daughter had a year ago tomorrow. I pray that they have wonderful results like Brooke did.


  1. Thank you Melissa! We certainly appreciate all the prayers. I am praying for your family too and that Brooke and Riley both do not have to have this surgery ever again. Please let her know she is a sweetheart and Riley is lucky to have her thinking and praying for him.
    Has Brooke had a follow up MRI yet? How was it?
    Hugs to you all!
    Marci and Riley

  2. Marci- She has had a follow MRI and it definitely showed improvement. It'll be time for another in February. At the rate we're going with getting referrals approved for the other children, we might get MRIs for all four on the same day! LOL

    Thank you for the kind words for Brooke. She is a sweetheart, and just felt so bad for what Riley was/is going through, because it is all still so fresh to her.

    I hope Riley is healing well!!