Friday, November 7, 2008

Home again

I had to be at the hospital bright and early yesterday, then there was a lot of waiting. LOL Wait to be checked in, then wait to be taken to the holding room, then wait for the anesthesia, then I don't remember anything else. LOL Stu, however, spent several hours waiting to hear something while I was in the holding room getting my hands massaged by two young men. They were having a hard time finding a vein in my hands that they wanted to use, so I had a guy on each hand, slapping it, rubbing it, etc. I joked with them that I really needed a pedicure also. For some reason, they just didn't think they'd have the time for that.

They finally found a vein they liked and got the iv set, then in came the anesthesiologist. He put something in my iv and I thought maybe the iv was messed up because I didn't feel anything. Then came the burn, and then I could no longer sit up. I told them I was going to lay down and close my eyes now, and to just let me know if they needed anything. ROFL I remember at some time, somebody put a mask over my face and told me to breathe in deeply so I could fill my lungs with oxygen so I didn't get pneumonia, and the next thing I remember was recovery. I had such a sweet nurse in recovery! He joked with me, didn't mind answering the same question repeatedly, or anything. I remembered asking if they had let my husband know I was okay, but I couldn't remember what he told me. I've decided that men who go into nursing tend to be exceptionally kind, caring people.

Luckily, we'd already planned for me to stay the night, but they would have kept me anyway, because I couldn't stop throwing up. Already having a room waiting, the paperwork filled out, etc. just made things go a little more smoothly.

I'm feeling much better today than I expected to feel. I'm sore, but it's more a muscle soreness than anything. I am so grateful for all the prayers. I know it wasn't a real major surgery, certainly nothing like what Brooke went through a year ago, or what little Riley is dealing with right now, but it was still nerve-wracking and knowing people were praying was very comforting.

Now I'm going to go take a nap. :D


  1. I'm so glad to hear you're back home and seemingly doing well. Still sending prayers your way for a speedy, non-complicated recovery. :)

  2. Your surgery was major enough! :) I'm glad you're home and feeling a little better now.

  3. Glad you're doing relatively well :)

    Enjoy the naps, milk it as long as you can, girlfriend ;)

  4. I'm so glad to hear you came through surgery with flying colors and are back home. Prayers for your continued recovery!

  5. I hope you are well on the road to recovery!