Thursday, December 4, 2008

Morning Star...

No, I'm not going vegetarian, at least not yet. However, since my body is adjusting to working without a gallbladder, I have to really watch my fat, or I'll get ill. The problem is, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE burgers!!! My wonderful surgeon, however, recommended the Morning Star brand Spicy Black Bean "burgers" because they are low in fat, but still leave that hamburger craving satisfied.

These things are GREAT!!! I really like them better than beef burgers! Emily even asked for one last night instead of a beef burger patty, because she likes them so much. We've had them several times now and I can't believe they are so low-fat and so incredibly tasty! Last night we had them with some salt and pepper microwave potato chips and I felt like I was getting such a treat.

We've also tried their Buffalo Wings, which are higher in fat, but delicious, and another brand's spicy chicken patties, which are great on a bun. If you're watching your fat/calories, you might want to consider trying some of these. One of my friends, who used to be vegetarian, has told me that Morning Star is her favorite, but to not EVER try the bacon substitute. So keep that in mind. LOL

Hmmmmm... I might consider going vegetarian if there was a good alternative for medium rare steak!!


  1. Prayers for your continued recovery and journey to find tasty foods that don't bother you.

  2. Thanks, D! This has had the added benefit of helping me lose weight. I've already dropped 15 pounds since my surgery. WOOHOO!!!

  3. Yay veggie burgers! Another fantastic brand is Quorn, but it's pretty expensive and only really available around here at CM. Good, but not THAT good. (They have good "chicken" nuggets.)

    I've thought about going veggie again, but it's a little tough when a certain DH of mine is such a dedicated carnivore. Also, medium-rare steak for you, bacon for me. As far as I'm concerned, there is NO good substitute for bacon. I'd rather just give it up than eat soy bacon. :)

  4. C, as much as I LOVE bacon, I'm really okay with the rare chance I get to eat it. However, I REALLY prefer cooking my eggs in the bacon grease. I'd have a hard time giving up that deliciousness. I do enjoy when it's time to refill the bacon grease cup, though, 'cause that means yummy bacon to eat. :D