Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mom! Something's wrong with Drew's back!!

That's what I heard a few minutes ago. I glanced up and saw that Drew did, indeed, have something weird all over his back. Upon closer examination, it looked like a flat rash, almost like broken blood vessels. Then I had this thought, "That reminds me of the hot chocolate I just cleaned off the foyer floor." Sure enough, it washed right off! How in the world does a little boy get spots of hot chocolate all over his back? And how do I stop the adreneline rush that is now speeding through my body at the thought of my son having some weird rash??? Ahhhhh... time to finish my grocery shopping, I guess. ;)


  1. Well, shoot. Would have loved to have seen a picture of that! I used to get adrenaline rushes quite a bit until I hid the magic markers.

  2. Now that's just HILARIOUS! In my house we would definitely be thinking allergic rash in a heartbeat. Nothing like that adrenaline rush is there? Whew.

  3. Tell him it works MUCH better if you drink it! ;)